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What is New City Kids?

New City Kids is New City Church's environment for our children by creating a comfortable place where they can experience a loving God.


Sunday morning, after the musical portion of the worship service, we offer childcare for children in Pre-K and under for our members and guests. We encourage our older kids to remain in worship to hear the preaching of the Bible.


The material used during this time will always relate to kids so that we as a church can foster Gospel growth in the whole family. Having an age appropriate message will encourage great conversations between parents and children, as well as give parents "tracks to run on" in engaging and discipling their kids, which is primarily their role.

We believe kids at a young age, if engaged correctly, can begin to understand the Gospel, that Jesus can become their deepest affection and that the kids can have incredible fun at the same time.

You can expect your kids to experience:
• Community
• Worship
• Gospel instruction

These are the same elements we value for our adults. We will seek the hearts of our kids and their developing a love for Jesus and His church with as much passion and as many resources as we do for adults.

Security is also a priority for New City Kids. With this in mind, certain safeguards are put into practice in order to serve all of our children and guests.​

Wednesday Nights

We use The Gospel Project curriculum for our Wednesday night discipleship environment for our kids. It runs from September-April, taking summers and the Christmas season as breaks to spend with family. 

We meet on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30 PM. 

This is available for children in 1st-5th grade.


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