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-Clint Burkett

Clint Burkett was born and raised in Alma, Georgia and has been a Bacon County Red Raider at heart all of his life. At the age of 6, Clint was saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ and eventually surrendered to the call of ministry at 16 years old. After graduating from Bacon County High School, he went to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Rhetoric from Georgia College and State University. Since then, he has served as the Student Pastor at First Baptist Church Alma, a traveling speaker, and the Associate Pastor at Bridge Church in Blackshear, Georgia before answering the call as lead pastor at New City Church Alma in May of 2023. He and his wife, Alaina, have two children, Joy and Chandler, and are grateful and excited to be a part of what God is doing in New City Church Alma and in the community.

-Jordan McGuire

-Kelly McGuire

Jordan McGuire became an Elder at New City Church in 2015. Kelly McGuire began her role as Ministry Assistant in early 2022. They have three girls, Nora, Amelia, and Heidi. 

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